What's the difference between Valet and Detailing?

Valeting tends to be associated more to the quick cleaning of a car on the exterior that would be a jet wash, shampoo, towel dry and a quick spray wax. On the interior it would be dash clean, vacuum and windows. Detailing is where you start to thoroughly clean the car including areas and details that would normally be missed in a valet; this will include paint de-contamination clear coat defects as well as every nook and cranny imaginable.

What is paint decontamination?

Every vehicle has paint contamination, even brand new cars with just six miles on the clock. Paint contamination consists of any airborne chemical compounds, ferrous (iron containing) particles, adhesives, industrial fallout, rail dust, acid rain, bird droppings, road tar, tree sap, brake dust, road salt and amongst other things. They're imbedded deep into the paint work and no amount shampooing or a robust jet spray will lift them off. Our advanced valet and detailing packages all include paint decontamination as standard.

Why should I choose you and not my local car wash?

There's no denying your local car wash that charges £20 for a quick in and out job has its place in the world. They're fast, cheap and convenient but there are some huge draw backs that you may not of realized; 1. Some car washes use aggressive products to lift dirt quickly and over a period time can damage alloys, paint work, glass and plastics. 2. The sheer volume of customers causes them to use the same cloth and sponge for hours on end, effectively transferring dirt and grit onto your car causing scratches and swirls that you will not see immediately because all you are seeing is a clean car. 3. Many of the staff are untrained and are there to just earn some quick money; your car is at risk for damage especially when you factor in the previous points. 4. Quite often your paint work is not protected after the clean and will be exposed to the harsh British weather needing another quick clean.

Why do your hours spent on a job vary?

No two jobs are the same, an advanced valet will take longer on a car that has been abused over the years perhaps only being washed once a year or drives in an area with high levels of paint contamination compared to a car enthusiast that has the car cleaned twice a month and keeps it in a garage when not driven. When we arrive to your booking we will inspect your car and ask you about its cleaning history and give you a more accuate time for the job. Please note in extreme cases where a vehicle's paint work has been severely neglected the job could end up taking longer and costing more, but this will be advised to you before we start.