*prices dependent on car size Small/Medium/Large/XL & Luxury

Valeting Packages

Maintenance Valet

  • Snow foam pre wash

  • Alloys cleaned

  • Wax safe shampoo using 2 bucket method

  • Towel dry and blow dry

  • Black plastics dressed

  • Tyre dressed

  • Interior vacuum

  • Door shuts cleaned

  • Surfaces cleaned and dressed

  • Windows cleaned in/out

£30/£35/£40/£45, 1-2 hours

Intermediate Valet

All aspects of the Maintenance Valet plus;

  • Leather cleaned and conditioned
  • Alloys decontaminated
  • Quick wax applied

£50/£55/£60/£65, 2-3 hours

Advanced Valet

Everything from the Maintenance & Intermediate Valet plus;

  • Full paint decontamination
  • Hand polish
  • Hand wax
  • Alloys sealed

£90/£100/£120/£140, 4-6 hours

Matte Valet

Our Matte Valet is the same as the Intermediate Valet except matte paint specific products are used including a matte protectant seal that lasts upto 12 months. £50/£55/£60/£65, 2-3 hours

Detailing Packages

Enhancement Detail

All detailing packages come with an Advanced Valet to prepare the vehicle. Entry level detail package single stage gloss enhancement by machine polish, advanced wax applied by hand and machine buffed. From £180/£200/£220/£240*, 6-7 hours

Correction Detail

All detailing packages come with and Advanced Valet to prepare the vehicle.

Intermediate correction package removes 50-60% of swirl marks and marring, two stage machine polish and advanced wax hand applied and machine buffed.

From £220/£240/£280/£300*, 8-12 hours

Ceramic Coatings

We are partnered with Coating Farm Ceramic's to provide you with ceramic coatings and are an accredited detailer with them. Ceramic coatings are the ultimate in paint protection offering 9H hardness against damage to the clear coat and at the same time have amazing levels of gloss and hydrophobic behaviour while lasting upto 7 years. Ceramic needs a well prepped paintwork for it to work its best on your vehicle and this is included in the price but if your car has swirling in the paint and you want it removed it will need our Enhancement Detail, this will be advised with you once your vehicle has been inspected. 1 Year ceramic coating = £150 S-L cars and £200 XL 2 Year ceramic coating = £250 S-L cars and £300 XL 3 Year ceramic coating = £299 S-L cars and £399 XL 5 Year ceramic coating = £399 S-L cars and £499 XL* 7 Year ceramic coating = £499 S-L cars and £599 XL* Leather ceramic coating 6 Month = £69 2 Year = £89 5 Year = £129 Window ceramic = £50 Wheel ceramic = £50 Interior ceramic = £40 *please note the 7 year coating need to be applied indoors and are made up of 3 layers and will take upto 3 days to complete (these prices do not include any paint correction)

Extra Services

Headlight restoration from £40 per pair

Odor removal from £30

Engine bay clean £50

Convertible soft top treatment £60

Stain removal from £30 (please note stain removal and price will be dependent the type of stain and size)

*PLEASE NOTE- All prices are dependent on inspection, if your car has never been washed please expect the job to take longer and cost more.